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Russian-German company BauTex is one of the largest manufacturers of

production based on fibre glass and leading distributor of raw materials for glassfiber plastics production.

At BauTex factory in Gus-Khrustalny we produce glassfiber wallpapers (nowadays we are 

exclusive glassfiber manufacturer in Russia), glassfiber meshes for building, roads and

abrasive discs, glassfiber rovings and SMC/BMC composite materials. 

Our company is constantly expanding production and applying innovative European technologies;

upgrading of material and technical facilities never stops. 

During 12 years of work BauTex has made the major contribution to domestic industry,

during many years BauTex is actively developing and maintaining business contacts not only in Russia

and CIS countries, but also abroad -  the third part of our production is exported into Western Europe.