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200 km east of Moscow in the Russian countryside you can feel the breath of the industrial revolution. It is BauTex workshops with two hundred looms turning white yarns into wide webs of material.

Achim Lutter and Mikhail Kamensky are the founders of BauTex. Both partners run a factory in Gus-Khrustalny, the cradle of Russian fiberglass. Along with the historical glass factory, which after the transition to capitalism has only museum significance, modern enterprises appeared in the city, such as BauTex factory, where glass is not the final, but the first link in the production chain.

BauTex uses fiberglass to produce high-tech materials. “Beauty and strength” – these are their main areas of application: fiberglass wallpaper can have exquisite patterns and have become No. 1 choice for offices and hospitals due to its durability and fire resistancy.

Today, BauTex also produces technical fabrics, for example, to reinforce roof, yachts, cars, blades for windmills or the roadway pavement. The Russian proverb says that the country’s main troubles are “fools and roads”. BauTex offers solutions for at least one of them.

BauTex employs 600 people, the annual turnover is about 50 million euros, more than 150 million m2 of fabrics are produced per year. Orders are coming even from China, and in total one third of the products are exported, primarily to Germany. The Russian economy wants to give to the world more than just oil and gas. BauTex shows how this is possible.

BauTex is proud that the company is the only Russian manufacturer of fiberglass wallpaper.

The maintenance of numerous machines is carried out, in particular, by mechatronics of the first year of graduation, who were students of the dual education program. BauTex has been offering this education opportunity for several years already. The company is one of the first participants in the initiative of the Russian-German Chamber of International Commerce (CIC).

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