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Renewed BauTex glue

The renewed receipt of the glue is already being produced by BauTex: OKley! Universal, economy and easy variant of the powder glue for application with all kinds of wall coverings. OKley! Universal is the first glue from the series of new production of our company, the whole system for applying wall coverings, in which the other solutions for application of various wall coverings will be included: Okley! Extra (the renewed, better quality and receipt professional powder glue), Okley! Professional (fluid glue for wall coverings), as well as 2 types of primer - Prime it! (Zagruntuy!) and BauGrunt (Concentrate and superconcentrate). 

OKley! Universal ideally suits various kinds of wall covering: glass fibre, normal wallpapers, light-weighted and weighty vinyl wall coverings, on the vinyl or paper basis.

Glue: On the pack, depending on what type of wall covering you use, various ratio of dilution is given and, accordingly, there will be various amount of covering the surface (table below shows the data for the 500 gram - pack)

Type of wall covering     

  Volume of water, l

      Approximate area of application, m2

Normal wallpapers


      up to 125

Light vinyl wall covering  


      up to 100

* Weighty vinyl/ vlies wall coverings


      37 - 62

* Glass fiber wall coverings


      25 - 50


*        For the guaranteed long lasting result in case of wall coverings with sophisticated structure: vinyl, vlies, glass fiber wall coverings, including as well BauTex glass fiber wall coverings,  we recommend to use the professional series of glue - powder glue OKley! Extra and ready for use fluid glue OKley! Professional.

Ingredients: OKley! Universal: modified starch and biocides

Packing: you can purchase in packs of 200 gram, or 500 gram

Price: You can get the information on prices for the glue by request on our Sales department