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Raw materials for fiberglass plastic

BauTex is producing roving fabrics and distributing unsaturated polyesters, vinylester and matrix resins and gelcoats.

We offer special resins and gelcoats for various processing technologies: manual forming, sputtering, infusion, RTM, pultrusion, winding, centrifugal casting.

Unsaturated polyester resins


Unsaturated polyesters resins DISTITRON include orthophthalic, isophthalic, bisphenolic and that give excellent results both in conversion processes and with regard to the characteristics they transmit to the manufactured parts, such as mechanical and chemical resistance, resistance to ultraviolet rays and the excellent appearance of the surface of molded parts. The acid component may consist of saturated and unsaturated acids. A monomer is added to set polymer viscosity and to crosslink (curing) the polyester when required.


Vinylester resins

DISTITRON VE Vinylester resins have epoxy basic polymer modified through the reaction between the epoxy resin and acrylic unsaturated carboxylic acid. Vinylester resins are specifically researched for applications where high chemical resistance is required (pipes, tanks etc.).


Not easily combustible unsaturated polyester resins


For producing not easily combustible items from glassfibre plastic retardant filled resins LEDA are used, also including brands, which can be processed by infusion and RTM methods. All these resins offer not only an effective fire barrier but also, and a drastic reduction in the emissions of toxic smoke, the main case of death during fires. The products meet the ecological requirements for railway and shipping transport.




For decorated coverings of glassfibre plastic items LEDA gelcoats are used. Gelcoats are modificated unsaturated polyesters resins, which differs by high resistance to climatic conditions, UV radiation which keep excellent gloss and color of the surface even in most severe environment. Gelcoats are produced in various modifications for different ways of application (with brush or by sputtering).


Matrix resins and gelcoats


LEDA ONE SHOT is applied by designing matrixes and press forms. There is no shrinkage among other excellent mechanic characteristics; among its features are also low consumption, long lifecycle, low exothermic peak, possibility of combination of the layers with polyurethane foam and foamed PVC.

Nowadays LEDA ONE SHOT is definitely the leading player on the world matrix resins market.