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Fiberglass meshes
Fiberglass meshes for building Breaking load*
Vlies armoring band with microperforation 52 mm x 50 m
Vlies armoring band with microperforation 52 mm x 150 m
Krepix 10 x 10 (reinforcing alkali-resistant)
Krepix 1300 1300/ 1300
Krepix 1500 1500/ 1500
Krepix 1800 1800/ 1800
ProfiShtukatur Interior 70 g 5 X 5
ProfiMaliar Interior
Krepix 2000 2000/ 2000
Krepix Armor 3600/ 3600
Corner enhancer 10 x 15 145 g
* in initial condition, N/ 5 cm (warp/ weft)
** prices including VAT

Fiberglass mesh is a glass fabric, which is made by interweaving of filaments of glass fiber with defined size of cells. Depending on density, size of cell and type of polymer impregnation glass fiber meshes have different characteristics and are used in many fields.

Fiberglass meshes Krepix are actively applied in building for reinforcement of plaster, surfaces in systems of external heat insulation, self-levelling floors and waterproofing finishing of flat roofs.

Items produced by our company differ from others by easy laying and high-wearing features. Special impregnations provides stable mesh structure, stability against alkaline medium exposure and high tensile strength, all these features make BauTex meshes universal material for renovation and building.