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Electrical engineering (electric equipment body frames made from BMC)


Manufacturers of electric equipment bodies are switching over to use of BMC compounds step-by-step. This tendency is actual because of the fact, that products from BMC do not lost their physical and electrical features under the action of mechanical loadings and high temperatures which differs them efficiently from plastic products which often become charred and melts in such conditions.

A feature of the bodies made from BMC is high switching capacity. In the moment of switching a very high loading appears on the equipment and it can lead to equipment’s destruction. In such conditions bodies from BMC keep their physicotechnical characteristics.

Tracking resistance index of the bodies made from BMC compounds is more than 600 CTI and electric strength makes 12-15 mm2.


- High electric strength

- Incombustibility

- Simplified assembly (possibility of clamping devices creation on the forming stage)