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Non-woven wall liner

Non-woven wall liner is a pressed non-woven material made of long-fiber cellulose, synthetic fibers, interconnected by polymeric materials. Non-woven wall liner has more significant strength and durability than paper, due to its high fiber content, it is breathable, does not stretch and does not shrink, and prevents crack developing.

  • It is possible to reinforce walls in buildings that did not settle or in which mechanical damages are possible
  • Suitable for all surfaces: concrete, brickwork, drywall, particleboard, plastic or metal
  • Prevents mold
  • Provides clean and crisp surfaces
  • Multiple repainting is possible.
  • Easy to use
  • Air and vapour permeable
  • You can use alkaline detergents, brushes
  • Easy for wet and dry cleaning
  • Non-porous structure, no environment for the fungus formation

Флизелиновый холст

Advantages and application

Non-woven wall liner hides cracks, seams, smoothes and reinforces the surface of walls and ceilings before painting. Reduces paint consumption. Non-woven wall liner can be applied to all types of plasters, porous concrete, drywall, paper, wood
and particleboard panels, fiberglass, plastic surfaces and even old wallpapers of any type or old paint.

Non-woven wall liner is used on drywall and particleboard (fiberboard), on concrete, brick, wood and metal substrates. Wall liner can be used on both the ceiling and walls. After repair, the plaster often gives small cracks, and the material reinforces the surface, preventing their appearance, creating an even smooth surface. Wall liner is a universal material, it is great for painting, and can also be used as a basis for wallpapering. It does not require further processing with plaster. It is used both for repairs and in the decoration of new premises.

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