Our history – БауТекс

Our history

  • Development of composite materials

    Launch of the SMC line, BMC workshop, commissioning of three presses for the production of finished composite products (2 presses of 1,000 tons and 1 press of 600 tons).

  • Purchase and education
    BauTex Poland

    On 1. June 2011, BauTex acquired Pabianice Technical Textiles factory in Poland. The plant will focus on the production of high-quality facade meshes for an integrated thermal insulation system, asphalt reinforcement grids made of fiberglass, carbon fiber and polyester fibers for the construction of roads and airports.

  • Launch
    of BauTex own Power Plant

    On 16. December 2014, a power power plant based on German MWM equipment was launched at BauTex plant.

  • The dual education
    program start

    BauTex is actively involved in the implementation of dual training in Russia. In cooperation with the colleges of the city, the company prepares future mechatronics specialists. A mechatronic is a universal specialist (mechanic, electrician, programmer), who alone can solve technical problems and this way reduce equipment downtime and increase labour productivity.

  • Complex
    multiaxial fabrics

    The increased tensile strength allows to use multiaxial fabrics in the production of parts and structures with increased reliability requirements:  for warships, yachts, containers and tanks for the transport of dangerous goods, etc.

  • Запуск Комбитекс и участка карбоновых тканей

    Запуск производства Комбитекс и нового участка карбоновых тканей

  • Launch of Combitex and carbon fiber fabrics

    Launch of Combitex production and a new workshop of carbon fiber fabrics

  • Первый продукт,
    ткань Феникс

    Российско-немецкая компания БауТекс — один из крупнейших производителей продукции на основе стекловолокна и ведущий дистрибьютор сырья для производства стеклопластиков.

  • Schleiftex mesh for grinding wheels

    Fiberglass reinforced grinding wheels are safer to use. Due to the use of fiberglass, the tensile strength of the wheel is significantly increased, which in turn allows you to increase the rotation speed of the wheel.

  • Facade mesh

    Today, the manufacturing of these products exceeds all other products in volume. Facade mesh Krepix has become one of the most popular and most wanted in BauTex product range.

  • Start of production of fiberglass
    wallpaper and road grids

    Success in the production of wallpaper did not come immediately. Attempts to establish a process did not give the desired positive result for some time. But after the purchase of a STORK unit, production made much headway. At that time, it was a breakthrough, a kind of revolution in the manufacturing of this type of […]

  • Production start Roving
    fabric Ortex

    Roving fabric Ortex is a German-quality reinforcing material used in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic products in various industries such as construction, automotive, shipbuilding, sports and transport

  • First product,
    Roofing fiberglass fabric Phoenix

    The Russian-German company BauTex is one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass-based products and a leading distributor of raw materials for the production of fiberglass reinforced plastics.

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