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Fiberglass Mosaic tile mesh

Mosaics are one of the oldest decorative elements.
Fiberglass Mosaic tile meshes were developed for reducing time and for convenience when laying out large mosaics. It makes it easy to transfer elements combined by the base. Depending on your tasks and needs, we offer several types of meshes with different widths.

  • High adhesion of the mosaic to the surface when using fiberglass in combination with glue
  • High tensile strength, substrate rigidity
  • Mesh width and roll length is according to customer requirements
  • Improved hygiene compared to paper: no chance of mold
  • Easy to apply, use and cut.

Стеклосетки для мозаики

Product description and specifications

Meshes for mosaics are fiberglass meshes produced by means of leno weaving. Fiberglass threads are used in the warp roving yarns are used in the weft.
In some meshes, roving can be texturized to increase the adhesion of glue and meshes. The composition of the mesh also includes specialized chemical impregnation to increase the strength of the mesh.

Mosaic 80 Mosaic 100 Mosaic 115 Mosaic 130
Density, g / m2 80±5% 111±7% 118±5% 130±5%
Cell size mm 4х6 4х5 10х10 4х5
Tensile strength, warp 900 1600 1500
N / 5 cm weft 1000 900 1000
Width cm 15-45 15-45 15-45 15-45
Impregnation,% 22-24 not less than 15 19-23 not less than 19
Roll length, lm 300 300 300 300

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