Fiberglass Wallcovering Profitex – БауТекс

Fiberglass Wallcovering Profitex

Fiberglass wallcovering with a density of 70 to 165 g / m2

The Profitex collection is the optimum ratio of price and quality of the product, ideal for rooms with a surface area for installation. Fiberglass Wallcovering Profitex are chosen for decoration of offices, educational and preschool institutions, medical institutions, industrial, public and residential buildings and structures. As a manufacturer, we recommend that you use adhesive specially developed by us for fiberglass wallcovering.

Nontoxicity / fire resistance

Flammability class G1


from 70 to 165 g / m2

Roll width

1 m

Roll length

25/50 m


P12 Gunny medium

70 g/ m2 Density

P16 Gunny medium

115 g/ m2 Density

P17 Gunny medium

125 g/ m2 Density

P30 Gunny large

125 g/ m2 Density
2,5 cm Rapport

P40 Parquet

160 g/ m2 Density
4,8 cm Rapport

P60 Diagonal Medium

160 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

P65 Empire

160 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

P70 Zigzag

155 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

P80 Modern

130 g/ m2 Density

P82 Fishbone small

120 g/ m2 Density
2,5 cm Rapport

P85 Fishbone medium

165 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

P91 Diamond

165 g/ m2 Density
8 cm Rapport

P92 Diamond small

160 g/ m2 Density
3,2 cm Rapport

P95 Diamond special

160 g/ m2 Density
6,4 cm Rapport

P100 Gunny ceiling

110 g/ m2 Density

P200 Oasis

155 g/ m2 Density
5,6 cm Rapport


Glass fiber wallcovering – instructions for hanging

Preparation for painting the glassfiber wallcovering

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