Fiberglass Wallcovering Slimtex – БауТекс

Fiberglass Wallcovering Slimtex

Fiberglass wallcovering with a density of 65 to 125 g / m2
Slimtex Wallcovering Series is a breathable, durable finishing for walls. They can and should be used for interior decoration of premises with a permanent stay of people: residential houses and hostels, rest houses, hotels and sanatorium complexes, indoor sports facilities, food industry enterprises, trade and public catering, as well as auxiliary and domestic premises and structures, warehouses and garages, stairwells and fire exits. As a manufacturer, we recommend that you use adhesive specially developed by us for fiberglass wallcovering.

Nontoxicity / fire resistance

Flammability class G1


65 to 125 g/m2

Roll width

1 m

Roll length

25 m


S12 Gunny medium

65 g/ m2 Density

S16 Gunny medium

110 g/ m2 Density

S83 Fishbone medium

125 g/ m2 Density

S93 Diamond medium

125 g/ m2 Density

S100 Gunny ceiling

100 g/ m2 Density


Fiberglass wallcovering – instructions for use

Preparation for painting of fiberglass wallcovering

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