Fiberglass Wallpaper Walltex – БауТекс

Fiberglass Wallpaper Walltex

Fiberglass wallcovering with a density of 140 to 210 g / m2

Walltex series wallcoverings allow us to take a fresh look at the geometric patterns known to everyone. The textured volume of matting, rhombus, herringbone, etc. will open in a more advantageous light, which will allow you to evaluate the high quality of the material. Due to the denser structure of the web, these patterns will look more textured and impressive on your walls.

Nontoxicity / fire resistance

Flammability class G1


from 140 to 210 g/m2

Roll width

1 m

Roll length

25 m


W16 Gunny medium

140 g/ m2 Density

W18 Gunny medium

150 g/ m2 Density

W20 Mesh

105 g/ m2 Density

W25 Gunny avg. close

175 g/ m2 Density

W30 Sackcloth large

205 g/ m2 Density

W31 Checkers

185 g/ m2 Density
2,4 cm Rapport

W35 Vertical

160 g/ m2 Density
34,8 cm Rapport

W40 Parquet

175 g/ m2 Density
4,8 cm Rapport

W50 Gunny large

210 g/ m2 Density
2,5 cm Rapport

W55 Rice Paper

175 g/ m2 Density
6,4 cm Rapport

W60 Diagonal Medium

175 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

W65 Empire

180 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

W70 Zig Zag

180 g/ m2 Density
1,6 см Rapport

W80 Modern

175 g/ m2 Density

W85 Fishbone medium

180 g/ m2 Density
1,6 cm Rapport

W89 Fishbone Large

185 g/ m2 Density
2,4 cm Rapport

W91 Diamond Medium

180 g/ m2 Density
8 cm Rapport

W100 Gunny ceiling

155 g/ m2 Density

W200 Oasis

170 g/ m2 Density
5,6 cm Rapport

W79 Вена

185 г/ м2 Плотность

W76 Осло

170 г/ м2 Плотность
4 см Раппорт

W77 София

175 г/ м2 Плотность
2 см Раппорт

W78 Афины

185 г/ м2 Плотность


Fiberglass wallpaper – instructions for pasting

Preparation for painting over fiberglass wallpaper

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