Facade fiberglass mesh Krepix

Facade fiberglass meshes Krepix are woven fabrics with rectangular cells of fixed sizes. Mesh is produced by leno interweaving of glassfiber threads and glass rovings.

Fiberglass meshes Krepix are impregnated with a special solution to give alkali resistance and are used to reinforce plaster compositions in wet-type facade systems. Fiberglass meshes, depending on the density, mesh size and type of polymer impregnation, have different characteristics and are used for reinforcing the external and internal surfaces of building envelopes and in facade thermal insulation composite systems with external plaster layers.

Tensile strength
1300 – 3600 N/ 5cm

Roll width
1 m

Roll length
25 — 50 m

Cell size
3 — 8,5 mm