Wallpaper adhesive

A unique line of BauTech wallpaper adhesive with premium quality at an affordable price.

The main component of the adhesive is potato starch from Holland. Potato breeding
(for further processing into starch) is carried out in a special way according to old Dutch traditions without the use of genetic modification.

Okley! Universal solution

Universal adhesive for various types of wallpapers.
Easily soluble in cold water in 3 minutes.
Appearance: small flakes of white color
Structure: modified starch, biocide
Protection from bacteria: ready-to-use paste is stable for a week.
Okley! Packed in convenient bags of 200 and 500 g.

Okley! Extra
The formulations of this adhesive for various types of wallpaper were developed at BauTex Science Center in collaboration with Dutch specialists.

Okley! Extra has a durability of an adhesive joint twice higher in comparison with standard universal adhesive. For each type of wallpaper, we have chosen the composition of Okley! Extra, taking into account the features of its application:

  • for paper wallpapers – to the wallpaper itself
  • for fiberglass wallpaper – to the wall (adhesive with reduced dropping)

Okley! Extra is easily soluble in cold water for 3 minutes.
Appearance: small flakes of white color
Structure: specially formulated mixtures of modified starches, antibacterial
and antifungal supplements.
Protection against bacteria and fungus: ready-to-use paste is stable for a week.
Okley! Extra packed in cartons of 250 g.

  • Okley! Extra fiberglass wallpaper
  • Okley! Extra vinyl wallpaper
  • Okley! Extra paper wallpaper
  • Okley! Extra non-woven wall liner
  • Okley! Extra universal

Okley! Professional
Professional ready-to-use adhesive for all types of wallpapers.
High quality European raw materials and drinking water are used for the production of ready-to-use adhesive.

Optimum ratio: modified starch and polyvinyl acetate dispersion provides a reliable and high-quality result when hanging of fiberglass and other types of heavy wallpaper.

Contains biocide and fungicide to protect against bacteria and mold.

Adhesive is transparent after drying, does not leave stains!
Okley! Professional packaged in buckets of 5 and 10 kg of rectangular shape, which provides ease of use when applying adhesive.