Masonry grid Basaltex

Basaltex masonry grids are woven fabrics of perpendicularly connected basalt fiber strands with polymer impregnation. Basalt fiber has high tensile strength and low thermal conductivity, and is also resistant to aggressive environments.

Basaltex grids are used for reinforcing horizontal masonry joints, joining layers of brick cladding with the main layer of large-format stones or cellular blocks, reinforcing the plaster layer of the wall and floor screeds in various climatic conditions.

Indispensable when working with aerated concrete. Due to the thickness of the basalt masonry grid, the adhesive joint is thinner, which replaces the need for aerated concrete shredding, as when working with a metal grid

Tensile strength
30-50 кN/ m

Roll width
0,25/ 0,36/ 0,5/ 1 m

Roll length
50 m and more

Cell size
25 х 25 mm

The advantages of basalt masonry grid Basaltex:
  • Not subject to corrosion
  • It has less weight and thickness compared to metal masonry grid
  • Low thermal conductivity (100 times lower than metal)
  • Withstand more freeze-thaw cycles without losing their properties
  • Convenient for cutting and installation
  • Economical and compact