Roving and structural fabrics Ortex

Fiberglass brand Ortex is a reinforcing material of German quality, used in the manufacture of fiberglass products in various industries.

Fiberglass is a fabric woven from fiberglass or direct glass roving by weaving on a loom.

Our equipment of the German company Dornier meets the highest standards of the textile industry of the 21st century and is one of the best for production
high-quality technical fiberglass.

  • Durability and increased resistance to mechanical wear
  • High dielectric properties
  • Ecological cleanliness and non-toxicity
  • Temperature resistance from -200 to +600 ° С
  • Resistance to corrosion, acid and alkali
  • High impact strength – impact strength 1.5 – 2 times higher than that of fiberglass reinforced with fiberglass
  • Tensile strength similar to stainless steel 1667 N / mm2 or 170 kgf / mm2

The use of direct silane lubricants ensures the compatibility of Ortex glass fabrics with polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.

Ровинговая ткань Ортекс

We produce different types of Ortex fabrics, which differ from each other in density and type of weaving of threads: canvas, twill, satin.

  • Fiberglass fabrics with plain weave (glass cloth) are the most dense and durable, when stretched they change their dimensions a little
  • In fiberglass fabrics with twill weave, threads on the surface form diagonally located scars. Such fabrics have better drapability, therefore, they are used for the manufacture of products of complex geometry
  • In glass fabrics with a satin weave, the threads on the surface form various patterns, and the fabric is very flexible. Such fabrics bend well even small bumps, so they are used to make small objects of complex geometry

We can offer three types of fastening of the main extreme threads:

  • Simple
  • Difficult
  • With hot-melt threads

For simple weaving, two leno polyester threads are used, for complex – four. When weaving with hot-melt threads, the most reliable fixation of the edge edge occurs. Also, if desired, it is possible to include in the weaving identification colored thread at any distance from the edge, or combine a hot-melt thread with a simple or complex weave.


230 – 1000 g/ m

from 10 cm to 4 m

from 50 to 1000 m

glass E, ECR (Advantex), basalt, carbon

Ortex fiberglass is manufactured with a density of 230 to 1000 g / m2 and a width of 10 cm to 4 m.
Special multi-axis winders allow you to wind a roll length of 50 to 1000 linear meters.


Our equipment allows to produce roving and unidirectional fiberglass tapes with a width of 10 cm and more. This material is widely used for the production with winding technology as well as formation of small fiberglass products.
Unidirectional tapes are used to lighten the weight of the structure and reduce the cost of the final product.


120 – 430 g / m

from 1 to 2 m

200 to 2000 m

glass E, ECR (Advantex)

Construction fiberglass fabrics Ortex are made of glass fibers, which with a small weight (from 120 to 430 g / m2), have high tensile strength characteristics. This allows them to be used in the production of supporting and superstructures.

In combination with roving fiberglass fabrics (in the manufacture of the outer layer), they give the finished product greater strength and a better appearance. Such fabrics can be used in isolation as the first structural layer, and are also well suited for stitching with thermal insulation products.

In the production of complex fiberglass fabrics for your order, we can combine various roving and construction fiberglass fabrics.


automotive industry


Railway and metro


Sports and recreation

Military use

  • Hulls and decks of boats
  • Parts and elements of car tuning
  • Body, door panels, front/ rear modules
  • Refrigerator boxes
  • Car decoration panels
  • Seats, tables, handrails, luggage racks
  • Cable ducts
  • Contact rail housings
  • Containers and tanks
  • Insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Pipes, panels, beams, trays
  • Decorative elements of building facades
  • Pools
  • Water Park Slides
  • Hockey boards
  • Sports Equipment
  • Skis, snowboards
  • Details of aircraft and helicopters
  • Translucent Shelter