Interior fiberglass mesh

Before finishing the walls with various materials (wallpaper, decorative plaster, paint) it is necessary to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. The quality of the finishing depends on this. Interior fiberglass meshes are used in painting and plastering works for reinforcing and protection against cracking surfaces inside buildings and structures for various purposes.

ProfiMalyar is a fiberglass mesh for painting works that protects the putty layer from delamination, deformation, cracking, violation of the integrity of decorative parts, as well as from adverse external influences. Due to its light weight, ProfiMalyar fiberglass mesh is convenient to use.

ProfiShtukatur is fiberglass mesh for plaster, used for leveling bearing surfaces, protecting plaster layers from cracking, repairing of cracks in ceilings and walls, and finishing of window and door openings.

ProfiMalyar and ProfiShtukatur interior fiberglass meshes are moisture resistant, they can withstand temperatures well, are non-toxic, and have shockproof characteristics.

Fiberglass meshes are used with various materials: drywall, concrete, fiberboard, particleboard, brick and others.

Tensile strength
500-700 N/ 5сm

Roll width
1 m

Roll length
10 — 50 m

Cell size
2 — 5 mm